Our Farm and Potato Packing Plant

At Robinsons, we farm 2,200 acres of potatoes, soybeans, forage and barley in the eastern part of Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

We use our farm to grow food and test a variety of approaches to controlling soil erosion, reducing crop inputs and building better organic bases through effective crop rotation. Farm Manager Lori Robinson and her dedicated team know a healthy environment is an essential element of successful farming in Prince Edward Island.

The Robinson operation includes a potato grading and packing facility.  We pack our own potato crop as well as potatoes grown by other local farmers. Having received our Farm Food Safety Certification in the fall of 2011, packing high quality and safe food for today’s consumer is our top priority.

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Harvesting soybeans in Albany.
Harvesting soybeans in Albany.
Harvesting soybeans.
Lester operating the harvester at potato harvest.
Ryan receiving potatoes into storage.
Soybeans going into storage.
Robinson farmland, Tryon Point.