Our History

It all started in 1810 when the first Robinson began farming in Augustine Cove, Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Four generations later, in the early 1940s, Eric Robinson took over the operation of his family’s farm.  While continuing to farm in “The Cove”, Eric, with the support of his wife Edith, expanded the business by opening a dealership in Albany.

Eric incorporated his business in 1962 and was proud to have his two sons John and Alan join him in the mid 1960s. That same decade Eric and Edith’s sons both married; John to Hazel and Alan to Julia.  In the 60’s and 70’s Eric and Edith were proud to welcome their six grandchildren into the family.  The 80s and 90s saw some of Eric and Edith’s grandchildren join in the family business.  Today it is that generation who actively operates the family’s business.  More than two hundred years after first breaking ground in Augustine Cove, the Robinson family continues to farm that same land.

The Robinson business has grown and now includes not only our family farm but three other divisions that help Robinsons play a role in the many steps in the journey from “field to fork”.  We are involved at pre-planting, planting, growing, harvesting, storing, packing, marketing and shipping Island produce to markets throughout North America and beyond.   We focus on helping Island Agriculture deliver quality food and seed to market in  both an environmentally and financially sustainable manner.

Eric and Edith’s grandchildren are honoured and proud to own and operate Eric C. Robinson Inc. , the business started by our grandparents and parents.   We remain dedicated to the operation and ownership of this progressive Island Agri-business, as well as to the sustainability of Island Agriculture as a whole.